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The Hypocrite’s Journal

Tina Rose Black aka Black Rose
21 October 1970
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I am married. I dated my husband for 11 years before that.

I am blond, but I rarely show it. I see my hair as a blank piece of paper that must be drawn on. I love to dye it and braid it in wild colors.

I am a Mechanical Engineer. I design casters/wheels. Yeah, exciting.
I used to work at Hasbro and design toys; that was much better.

I like to read comics and Dragonlance & Forgotten Realms novels. The Drow are so cool. My favorite comic is Poison Elves. I also love to read Manga also.

I just learned how to play D&D and I am so happy. I play Drow Cleric of Eilistraee. After she is dead, I think I might try a drow death singer, bard.

I collect female action figures and arcade games, well my husband really does. But Gauntlet and Centipede are all mine.

In my spare time, I design jewelry using lost wax casting. I made some stuff based on Poison Elves.

I like sew clothes in the Japanese clothing still, EGL, that is still safe to say. And it has nothing to do with sex for me. I am old, married happily forever, and would prefer to have as much of my skin cover as I possibly can at all times.

I collect Asian Ball jointed Dolls. I have the sand Siblings in doll form.

I love to watch Cartoons, anime, and THE TRIBE. Lex is the man. I also love Naruto. Gaara is my favorite and then the rest of the Sand siblings.

I like to listen to anime, Jrock, Jpop, old punk, new wave, & goth.

Other then that nothing much matters.

All Poison Elves pictures are property of Drew Hayes.

All Tribe pictures are property of Cloud 9.

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